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"Dave is a great teacher for my son. He is laid back but reliable; flexible and patient - putting up with my son's eccentricities while still getting the best out of him. Under Dave's direction, my son achieved his highest mark in all music exams he has taken and, most recently, Dave has adapted to 'virtual' lessons via Zoom. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dave."

"During my years as a music student, I've realised the importance of having a good teacher. I've been lucky enough to study with some amazing teachers, but also have had some who weren't as good. I strive to be a great teacher, a teacher who inspires students."


I am happy to teach a variety of instruments at a variety of levels, including: 

- Jazz and Classical trombone to all standards

- Beginner Brass - trumpet, euphonium, french horn, tuba

- Jazz theory 

- Classical theory

- GCSE Music 

- A-Level Music

- Arranging and Composition

To enquire about lessons, please visit the Contact page for details.


I can also provide online lessons for students outside of Birmingham.


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